What to Expect on Your First Visit

What is it they say about first impressions? That they help determine the right treatment plan? Well, that’s what we say at least! Your first visit to our office is a crucial time for assessing your current oral health situation, addressing any immediate concerns, and providing us with a baseline for future checkups.

On your first visit, we allocate an hour and a half to thoroughly inspect the current state of your oral health. Included is:

  • Head and Neck Exam
  • Examination of teeth
  • Examination of the gums and bone
  • Radio graphs
  • Treatment planning

In some cases, additional diagnostic tools such as intraoral photos or impressions might be taken. It’s important to note that a teeth cleaning is not a part of everyone’s first visit. Depending on the findings of the initial exams, more in-depth cleanings at additional appointments may be necessary.

At Carter & Hoff Dentistry, the whole family from children to adults are welcome.